Welcome to CIPSUN Engineering and Tech Pvt.Ltd

CIPSUN is a leading solar solution provider and solar PV-module manufacturer, with head office in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, India, CIPSUN is now positioned closer to the rapidly growing Indian markets, thus further strengthening CIPSUN already outstanding status in the worldwide solar arena.

CIPSUN engineers design and manufacture high performing PV modules for On-Grid and Off-Grid applications in accordance with the highest possible standards of quality control. CIPSUN provides excellent solar solutions that are engineered for durability and top-notch functionality, and attractively designed.

CIPSUN manufactures superb PV modules, designed to provide utmost versatility, allowing you to turn your ideas into customized solutions for different applications: for roof tile solar, marine panels, streetlights, etc. We focus on quality throughout the value chain by selecting only top quality components from leading manufacturers. Apart from solar modules, our products include inverters, innovative installation components, and energy storage systems.

CIPSUN also develops innovative solutions in Internet of Things (IOT) for Home automation, Smart farming, Smart healthcare, smart energy management and smart city applications.

"Quality makes a difference" forms the solid basis for CIPSUN sustainable solutions and is the guiding philosophy of our entire CIPSUN -team. CIPSUN is strongly focused on building long-term relationships with customers and partners. CIPSUN constantly finds the optimal solutions for its customers, working closely with them to determine their preferences and needs, and to provide the most suitable solutions for them.